anxiety crystal candle kit

Anxiety & Relaxation Kit

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Anxiety & Relaxation Kit

Includes - 
- Our Amethyst roller ball with lavender essential oils
- Amethyst Essential oil and chamomile mini candle (Burn time approx 15 Hrs)
- Raw Amethyst chunk
We have chosen amethyst for this kit as it has the following properties - 
Natural stress reliever.
Calms the mind.
Promotes peace.
Relieves negative energy.
Helps Cure Insomnia.
Protects against reoccurring nightmares.


Our Amethyst Roller ball is infused with Lavender essential oil with a base of sweet almond oil to help with relaxation. This is the perfect product to use on the go to help you take on the stresses of the day or to help promote a relaxing state before bed. 

With natural Amethyst roller and crystals to help promote peace and ease stress, it treats insomnia and protects agents reoccurring nightmares. 

Amethyst also attracts positive energy and helps remove negative emotions, anxiety, fear and depression.

     10ml glass bottle

Vegan and cruelty free

How to use

Apply topically to wrists, ears, neck etc.

Use up to 4 times a day

For a better sleep apply 30 minutes before bed


Do not consume

Incase of contact with the eyes rinse thoroughly




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