Crystals through the years.

Did you know... that’s crystals were used 1000’s of years ago for many types of reasons such as medicines, protection and good fortune. 

The famous Tutankhamun death mask had crystals encrusted into his gold face to create colour but also believed to keep the body safe. 

Native Americans use to thread crystals into their dream catchers so the stones would help protect them from bad dreams. The also used to braid beads into their hair, as they believed it to heal the sick and protect them from getting sick. 

The Greeks started the name for crystal many years ago as they called it ‘ice’. They believed that crystals were a gift from the gods. 

A Dr called Dr ... practiced crystals in his daily medicines to treat people that were sick with elixirs of crystals as potions to drink to get better. 

Have you ever heard of Quartz time or Quartz time pieces? Well these clocks or watches have  a small piece of clear crystal quartz inside them, helping the watch oscillate to keep perfect time, more accurate than clocks with gears today.

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