Frequently asked questions 


Q: How do i know what type of crystal is best for me?

A: All our products have all types of properties from crystals and aromatherapy oils. Each crystal contains different energy's and intentions. If you'd like more info just message us on our instagram or contact us through customerservice_igotthatcrystalhealing@outlook.com


Q: Are your essential oils pure?
A: Yes our essential oils are 100% pure, we then mix them with the best base product for the item they are being used for.
Q: Whats the difference between a normal water bottle and the crystal glass water bottle?
A: There are lots of positive benefits of drinking crystal energized water. Its eco-friendly its perfect for helping to cut down on plastic waste. There are 3 types of crystals in our bottles with lots of different healing properties.
Q: What can i use the crystal sprits for?
A: The crystal sprits can be used as a room sprits helps to relieve stress and create tranquil aroma around the room, yoga mat sprits helps to create a very zen and calm aroma to help with meditation it can also be used to clean the mat after use. Lastly pillow sprits helps to create a peaceful, calm smelling pillow to encourage sleep and relaxation. 
Q: What are the candles made of?
A: Our candles are made from a precise blend of 100% soya wax and fragrance oils. Topped with a perfectly sourced crystal stone.