Crystal Properties


Amethyst -

Natural stress reliever.

Calms the mind.

Promotes peace.

Relieves negative energy.

Cures Insomnia.

Protects against reoccurring nightmares.

Releases tension.

Relieves physical and emotional pain.

Rose Quartz -

Stone of gentle love and beauty.

Helps to attract love.

Dispels anger.

Helps to resolve issues of the heart.

Helps with self worth.

Expands your hearts energy.

Stimulates blood circulation and trauma of the heart.

Protects during pregnancy and child birth.

Balances the hormonal system.

Heals stress between mother and child.

Blue lace agate -

Communicating with clarity.

Gentle calming stone.

Reduces stress and anxiety.

Assists with arthritis.

Helps with confidence.

Soothes and calms.

Snow Quartz

Connected to the crown chakra

Clears the mind and brings clarity

Helps with thinking before you speak 

Helps let go of overwhelming responsibilities

 Black Obsidian

Enhances truth.

Absorbs negative energies.

Protective stone.

Pink Calcite

Reminder to be gentle with ourself and others

Helps support your hearts truth

Helps with emotional trauma

Good for break ups

Opal -

Enhances optimism.

Increases self worth.

Perfect for meditation.

Brings inspiration and creativity

Benefits the eyes, kidneys and skin. 

Pink Calcite

Reminds us to be gentle with ourselves 

Stress reliever


Helps with nightmares  

known as stone of the heart

Red Jasper -

Strength and stability.

Helps ground you to the earth.

Positive attitude.

Strengthens your immune system.

Gives you more energy. 

Garnet -

Success, Health and passion.

Protective energy stone.

Balances your pituitary gland.

Helps with energy blockages.

Carnelian -

Courage, Vitality and Confidence

Anchors you to reality.

Reproductive organs.

A lucky crystal in interviews.

Good for digestion. 

Citrine -

The “Happy” stone.


Absorbs negative energy.

Benefits Chronic fatigue.

Balances the thyroid.

Helps to achieve your goals

Aventurine -

Luck and prosperity.

Maintaining energy and optimism.

Helps during challenging times.

Strengthens relationships.

Soothes anxiety and stress.

 Sodalite -

Idealism and Truth.

Helps to develop intuition.

Public speaking.

Boosts communication.

Reduces Inflammation in the body. 

Turquoise -

Self forgiveness and Self acceptance.

Emotional balance.

Clears negative energy.

Helps with mood swings.

Prevents panic-attacks.

 Clear Quartz -

Stimulates the immune system

Aids concentration.

Unlocks memory.

Helps to see more clearly.

Restores the organs and soul. 

Jade -

Prosperity and wellbeing.

Assists with body filtration.

Attracts luck and wealth.

Promotes inner balance. 

Hematite -

Effective grounding stone.

Counteracts confusion.

Helps to pursue your highest goals.

Helps the intestines and blood flow.

Pain relief.

Enhances self-confidence.

 Agate -

Healing physical ailments.

Increases security and self confidence.

Awakens your spiritual purpose. 

Tigers eye -

Stone of protection.

Brings Good luck to the wearer.

Helps to focus the mind.

Dispels fear and anxiety.

Helps with protection during travel. 

Black Tourmaline –

Helps to remove aura blockages.

Psychic protection from negative entities.

Compassion for yourself.

Stimulates personal joy.

Helps to manifest goals.

Changes negative energy into positive energy. 

Selenite -

Opens up and expands the crown chakra.

Refreshing your life force energy.

Cleanses and protects your space. 

Removes energy blocks.

Protection during child birth.

Helps maintain a loving relationship with yourself and others. 

Smokey Quartz -


Absorbs Negativity

Releases past hurt

Re balances

Detox's Kidneys 

Moonstone -

Balances the hormonal system.

Supports the female reproductive system.

Promotes ease in pregnancy and child birth.

Great for new beginnings.

Brings peace and harmony within.

 Aquamarine -

Helps with headaches

Helps insomnia 

Pain relief

Helps with fatigue.

 Bloodstone -

Cleanses and realigns the lower chakras.

Gives Courage


Heightens intuition.

Increases creativity. 

Fluorite -

Absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress.

Increases self- confidence.

Increases your concentration. 

Increases intuitive abilities.


We have added our most popular crystals here, please message us with any questions on other crystals.

All of our crystals are charged in moon light regularly.

Crystals should never replace medical advice and we advise to use along side your doctors advice.