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I Got That Crystal Healing

Amethyst Tea Light Holder

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Amethyst Tea Light Holder

A breathtakingly beautiful Amethyst Tea Light Holder that's raw, chunky, and full of mesmerizing Goethite inclusions. With healing energies to ward off sadness and grief, cure insomnia, and quieten incessant worries, this powerful amulet also offers relief for headaches, fatigue, and promotes healthy skin and bones. It's known as the "Travellers Stone" - perfect for providing protection when one is away from home. Ideal for meditation and restoring balance.

Amethyst -

Natural stress reliever.

Calms the mind.

Promotes peace.

Relieves negative energy.

Cures Insomnia.

Protects against reoccurring nightmares.

Releases tension.

Relieves physical and emotional pain.