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I Got That Crystal Healing

Protection Negativity Shield Pack

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Negative Energy Shield

Protection crystals are great to carry around with you.
This pack has been put together to help shield you from negativity.
Negative energy and lower vibrations aimed at you will bounce back.

Contains -

Black Obsidian-
Enhances truth.
Absorbs negative energies.
Protective stone.

Hematite -
Effective grounding stone.
Counteracts confusion.
Helps to pursue your highest goals.
Enhances self-confidence.

Tourmaline –
Helps to remove aura blockages.
Psychic protection from negative entities.
Compassion for yourself.
Stimulates personal joy.
Helps to manifest goals.
Changes negative energy into positive energy.

Clear Quartz -
Removes toxines.
strengthens positive affirmations.
Intensifies your other crystals energy.