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I Got That Crystal Healing

Smudge And Crystal Kit

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Smudge Kit

This kit can be used to Smudge your crystals, house or people.


1 x White Sage bundle - 
Sage is a traditional way to cleanse your home, it is said to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

1 x Palo Santo stick-
Used to clear out negative energy.

1x Clear Quartz tumblestone

1x Rose Quartz tumblestone

1 x Citrine tumblestone

This pack has been put together to - 

  • Remove bacteria from the air.
  • Helping with anxiety and depression.
  • Repelling insects.
  • Good for headaches.
  • Improving intuition.
  • restore tranquility 
  • Calm emotions

Never leave anything lit unattended.

Rose Quartz -

Stone of gentle love and beauty.

Helps to attract love.

Dispels anger.

Helps to resolve issues of the heart.

Helps with self worth.

Expands your hearts energy.

Citrine -

The “Happy” stone.


Absorbs negative energy.

Benefits Chronic fatigue.

Helps to achieve your goals.

Clear Quartz -

Stimulates the immune system

Aids concentration.

Unlocks memory.

Helps to see more clearly.